How To Book

How Do I Book A Session?

Bookings can be made over the telephone, through our Facebook page, via email, or by calling in to the centre in person. All our contact details can be found here.

We require you to obtain consent from your vet. We can provide your vet with an online veterinary referral form for their convenience. In the interests of the health and safety of all our patients, we will not treat an animal without first receiving consent from a registered veterinary surgeon.

Why Is Veterinary Referral Necessary?

A referral is a written consent from a veterinary surgeon, giving permission for your pet to receive hydrotherapy treatment.  This referral is essential in order to ensure that your pet is suitable for hydrotherapy treatment.  It should also provide us with an accurate record of your pet’s condition, as well as a concise clinical history, to include any other medical conditions which need to be considered before treatment.  This is both a legal and ethical requirement.

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What Can I Expect On My Visits To The Centre?

Initial Assessment

We will go through your veterinary referral and discuss your pet’s condition. We will ask you some questions about your pet’s behaviour, exercise regime, diet and general well-being. As we perform a health check at each visit, we will need to know if your pet has any sensitive areas etc. We may also take some measurements of your pet’s muscle mass and weight and use these to monitor progress throughout the treatment. Your pet will be given the opportunity to investigate the surroundings and the equipment we may use for the treatment. This is intended to make the first visit a positive experience, therefore we will not swim your pet on this visit.



We will give your pet a health check before each treatment. Your pet will then be showered to warm up the muscles and to wash off any loose dirt or particles from the outside environment. Your pet will be fitted with a life jacket and we will then introduce them to our hydrotherapy pool. Every dog is different – some may take to the water first time, others will take a bit longer. The length of time in the water will vary for each dog, depending on the condition, your pet’s fitness level, other medical conditions, age, etc.


After each treatment, we will shower your pet for the second time, this time to wash off any chemicals and to relax the muscles. We will use a blaster to dry off your pet, but as some dogs do not like this, you are advised to bring your own towel. It is recommended to bring a coat for your pet during the colder months.

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