Terms And Conditions

We, Paddling Pups, aim to provide the highest standards of hydrotherapy treatment. These are the terms on which we supply hydrotherapy services and related products to you.

Hydrotherapy Services
1. We shall ensure that all hydrotherapy treatments are performed by suitably qualified staff, taking into account the nature of the condition being treated.
2. Dogs will not be treated without the prior authorisation of their veterinary surgeon. Referral forms are available on request, via the website or social media.
3. A treatment plan for hydrotherapy will normally be agreed with you following an initial consultation and in advance of any further treatment. This treatment plan will provide an estimate regarding the likely costs of the course of treatment in such a plan.
4. Please note, that it is extremely difficult to judge the number of sessions that will be needed at the initial consultation stage. We will endeavour to keep you informed of progress at every opportunity.
5. The length of time in the water initially will vary from less than a minute at a time, to several minutes as your dog’s condition and fitness improve. The length of treatment time should not be solely judged on the length of ‘swimming’ time. Hydrotherapy is so much more than this.

6. Individual sessions must be paid for in full on the day of treatment. We accept cash, cheque and card payments. A 2% surcharge is added for credit card payments. Card payments can also be made online and over the phone.
7. If your dog is insured, we also request that the treatment is paid for in full, and we will provide the necessary documentation on request when you wish to make a claim.

8. Sessions may be charged in full if an appointment is broken or cancelled without 24 hours’ notice, within reason. A message on the answering machine, text to mobile, or social media will count as notice given.
9. Paddling Pups reserves the right to cancel any session; i.e. power failure, maintenance or illness.
10. Dogs with vomiting, diarrhoea, infections or contagious conditions will not be treated. Please cancel your appointment giving as much notice as possible, or until their condition improves.
11. Bitches in season cannot be accepted for treatment.
12. Owners must ensure their dog is relatively clean on presentation to the centre.
13. Paddling Pups reserves the right to refuse to treat a dog at any time. A full explanation will be given to the owner.

14. Owners and animals use the centre at their own risk. We cannot, therefore, accept responsibility for any injury suffered by owners or animals using the facilities. Dogs MUST be kept on a lead at all times when not being treated.
15. Paddling Pups cannot be held responsible for damage or loss to vehicles or personal property, whilst on company premises.
16. Please wear sensible non-slip soles during your visit, as the floors can be very slippery. Owners should also be prepared to get wet, and if necessary, bring spare clothes.

Owner Responsibilities
17. Dogs should not eat for AT LEAST 2 HOURS before their appointment time. We also recommend that they should not eat for one hour after their treatment.
18. Please arrive on time for your appointment and wait until called. You are welcome to walk your dog around outside for toileting before the appointment.
19. It is the owner’s responsibility to clean up after your pet (bin and bags provided if needed).
20. Owners are asked to bring along their own towel for their dog, in the event that their dog does not like our blaster-drier. We recommend a good quality drying coat for wearing home, especially in the colder months.
21. Owners are required to notify us if their dog’s condition appears worse, or if their vet advises to suspend or stop their treatment.
22. There may be a surcharge of £50 if your dog fouls in the pool, as the pool will need to be closed for cleaning. Please ensure that you have toileted your dog well before the appointment.
23. Please ensure you understand the possible effects of aquatic massage on your dog before you leave.

Data Protection
24. Your personal data is stored securely on the premises, and within a secure software program, to which only Padding Pups staff will have access. We will use the personal information you provide to us to:
a. liaise with your vet and/or other members of a multidisciplinary team. This can include, and is not limited to; referral practice vet, general practice vet, hydrotherapist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, behaviourist, nutritionist.
b. provide hydrotherapy services, contact you and send appointment reminders.
c. process your payments for the services and products.
d. inform you of offers and promotions available.
25. Our full Privacy Policy can be viewed on the website for your perusal.