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What Our Clients Think

Below you will find feedback and testimonials from our clients.

If your pet has undergone treatment at Paddling Pups and you would like to post a testimonial please send it to us using our contact page.

Testimonials help us to maintain our high standards of service to you, we very much appreciate all the feedback we receive.

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The Paddling Pups Team



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"For Pepper, a cross-bred Jack Russell - Cairn rescue dog, Paddling Pups has been a godsend. He has just completed his 7th session and the improvement in his condition has been radical.

He was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 3 and his decline was very, very speedy. Almost overnight he went from being an active beach loving dog to an invalid with arthritis affecting all four legs and other bodily parts. His means of getting out and about is in a pet stroller.

To further complicate matters he fell down a few steps before Christmas 2015. As a result, he was unable to stand on his front paws - one of which is extremely distorted.

I can safely say that he is the worst case Claire Sharkey has encountered. Yet - despite it all - the improvement after one session was very obvious. Previously the hamstrings in his back legs were extremely tight. I tried to manually release them to no effect. After Pepper's first Paddling Pups session they were greatly improved.

Now he is at a stage where he is standing on all four legs and I know that he will improve further. He has progressed beyond my expectations.

A real bonus is that he loves his sessions with Claire - except for the blow dry at the end! He is enjoying actively using all four legs in a pool.

On behalf of Pepper, thank you Claire, for all you have done." 

Liz Adams, Enniskillen

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"On Tiny being diagnosed with bilateral luxating patellas at 6 months old, I was unaware of all that was ahead of him. My vet referred him to Paddling Pups for the hydrotherapy treatment which was the most amazing thing ever! He improved so well from his op, and it also prepared him so well for his second op, which he received 6-8 weeks later. The muscle movement and confidence he gained was great. I would recommend it to everyone and speak very highly of the treatment, and also the care he received from the staff throughout his treatment."

Melissa, Co Tyrone

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"I have attended Paddling Pups now for 3 months with my springer spaniel, Molly, who has severe arthritis in most joints and struggles to walk. Therefore, to be able to have her swim and negate the need for regular road exercise is a godsend.  Molly loves her sessions. The pool is always warm and clean. Claire is supportive, gentle and very loving with the dogs. She gently showers and massages before and after swims and keeps a close eye on the dogs welfare constantly. Mitch is always ready with amazing doggy advice too.  Molly is a much happier dog and her muscles have strengthened to support the joints more successfully. Paddling pups is a happy,positive, loving place. Attending hydrotherapy at Paddling Pups is therapy for both my dog and me. It has enhanced our lives. Thank you Claire and Mitch." 

Dr Leanne Treacy, Co Tyrone

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"Following surgery to replace his cruciate ligament, Bruno (11 yo Rottweiller) had to rest for a few weeks to allow the site of the surgery to heal. After his surgery and the rest, his muscle had wasted to such an extent that he could no longer weight-bear. After a few sessions in the hydro pool at Paddling Pups, Bruno was improving fast. Now Bruno can walk normally again and even trot a little. Paddling Pups is a very relaxed atmosphere and both Claire and Mitch do all they can to make both dog and owner feel at ease. Now watching Bruno trotting up the beach it is hard to believe he is the same dog that hopped in through the doors of Paddling Pups not so long ago, the transformation is remarkable. I've gotten my buddy back again, and its all due to the post-operative care and advice offered by Paddling Pups - they ought to be part of every vets' recovery plan."

Paul, Dungannon

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"Paddling Pups offers a truly professional service.  I have no hesitation in referring my patients there, knowing they receive a tailor-made recovery program, suited to their signalment and condition.  Paddling Pups provide excellent regular feedback on patient progress and have fast become an integral part of our rehabilitation process" - 

Louise O'Hare BVSc MRCVS

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"My dog Ben has benefitted greatly from hydrotherapy during his recuperation from spinal surgery.  It has also had a positive effect on his arthritis as it is a good form of weightless exercise, which he also really enjoys" 

Fiona, Co Tyrone

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"My name is Sean Cullen I have an 11yo Pomeranian called Dolly which I have had from 6 weeks old, my wee Dolly is a big part of our family and there is nothing I wouldn't do for her as she gives so much love and joy to my family. Just after Christmas 2014 about a week into January 2015, I noticed my Dolly was finding it hard to get up and down, and after a couple of days had developed a hop when walking. I took her to our local vet as I had become very concerned and they told me that Dolly with her age had got arthritis in all her joints. My vet started Dolly on Tramadol to help with pain which started to help but I felt was not helping with her movement.  I was told to look up hydrotherapy for canines and at first, I was a little sceptical on this type of treatment but as I would try anything I Googled it to see what would come up. After reading into hydrotherapy treatment I felt I would give it a try and started a search for the closest hydrotherapy specialist to me.  After a long search I come across a company in Omagh called Paddling Pups it was 40 miles away and an hour drive but I feel I would drive any distance to help Dolly. After telephoning Claire from that first phone call she put my mind at some ease because Claire felt she could help Dolly with hydrotherapy so I arranged an appointment for the next week and me and Dolly headed off to Omagh.

From my first visit with Claire, I knew this lady could help Dolly she spoke with such professionalism and understanding of this therapy I was put at ease right away. Dolly was assessed on her first visit as a dog which Claire could help with the hydrotherapy and she was amazing with Dolly as my wee dog wouldn't be a very sociable dog, after 3 treatments I could see Dolly was improving more and more with each treatment Dolly was taken for 2 treatments per week and is now down to 1 per week. She would never have been able to do so well getting back to being mobile as well as she has without the help of Claire and Paddling Pups. I will never be able to think them enough for what they have done for my Dolly and me and Dolly will continue to attend for as long as she needs to. I cannot recommend this type of therapy enough for anyone who is a dog lover and their pet needs help with arthritis, weight loss or any other joint problems. They should contact this amazing centre and see for themselves how this type of therapy can help your pet." 

Sean Cullen, Derry

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